From The Grille

May 14, 2008 – Encore
By Shea Carver

One of the most rich and flovorful fine-dining experiences I have ever had-out of many cities across the states and even some internationally-actually makes its home on the menu at the locally-hailed Port Land Grille, where culinary genius remains at the hands of Chef Shawn Wellersdick. Every time I have visited the restaurant. I have tasted a variation of items: elk, bison, duck, pate, lamb, crab and the list goes on. Yet as a seafood lover, it is their #1 grade Yellow Fin tuna, served rare, that keeps my taste buds’ memory in constant appetency.
Whether dining inside among the cozy decor of an open wood fired grill or outdoors amongst the Lumina Station fountain, the atmosphere is always relaxing here. The service is always attentive, if not overly so-which is exactly what one should expect of fine dining. However, once the wasabi whipped potatoes, grilled marinated baby bok choy, sauteed shiitake mushrooms with edamame and a sweet potato, coconut, peanut, green curry paste sauce is served with a very generous portion of Yellow Fin tuna, all is flawless at the Port Land Grille.
I used to believe Port Land Grille was a restaurant for special occasions-anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Now, any given Wednesday or Sunday is a special occasion in my eyes, as long as the tuna is biting-and it always is at Port Land Grille.