From The Grille.

Sourced from sustainable farms and grilled over natural hard wood charcoal.

From the Land.

Free range meats, heirloom vegetables, fresh herbs, and house made spice blends.

From the Port.

Our selection of wood grilled seafood changes with the whims of the sea.

From The Grille.

Sourced from sustainable farms and grilled over natural hard wood charcoal.

Port Land Grille is minutes from the beach.

Our large windows overlook a beautifully landscaped patio area, complete with a fountain and live oak trees. It’s a great destination for your next celebration or gathering.

serving a casual yet elegant dining experience.

Our staff is armed with an appreciation for fine cuisine, a keen knowledge of every dish, and a dash of southern charm.

In The Media

One look at the menu at Port Land Grille, and you get it—the name’s clever play on words, with the comingling of surf and turf, and the playful attitude of mixing up local with global. But there’s even more to the name.

Elizabeth Wiegand

Coastal Gourmet

One of the most rich and flavorful fine-dining experiences I have ever had-out of many cities across the states and even some internationally—actually makes its home on the menu at the locally-hailed Port Land Grille, where culinary genius remains at the hands of Chef Shawn Wellersdick. Every time I have visited the restaurant. I have tasted a variation of items: elk, bison, duck, pate, lamb, crab and the list goes on. Yet as a seafood lover, it is their #1 grade Yellow Fin tuna, served rare, that keeps my taste buds’ memory in constant appetency.

Shea Carver

Spring Restaurant Review

The atmosphere, food and service were all top notch. They accommodated moving our seating when sitting by a window was a little too cool for my lady. We enjoyed lamb and duck. Molten chocolate cake topped off a delicious meal on a very special night. Will be going back to celebrate more and new special occasions!

Tim H.

Fine-Dining Awaits.

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