Port Land Grille
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 p.m. until - Closed Sundays & Mondays. As always, our private rooms are available for special events seven days a week - call for more information. Reservations suggested but spontaneity is always encouraged.

Want to shop from home and get them something they'll actually enjoy? Why not give a wonderful night out at Port Land Grille? It couldn't be easier to do...and the best thing is that this gift certificate won't get forgotten, lost or expired and it won't end up in the regifting closet in Aunt Sue's house either! It's the perfect gift that fits perfectly! Email us at info@portlandgrille.com (link below) and we'll create and email you the gift certificate. You can either print out for them or you can forward it as your own email. We'll need the following gift details: the "to" (full name and phone number if available), the "from" (and any optional personal message) and the amount of the gift. The gift can be personalized to your specifications - a finite gift (ex. $100 - although any dollar amount will do) and or we can have an open ended gift (ex. "dinner for two"). We'll arrange payment once you receive the gift certificate. Satisfaction guaranteed! Whether you print it out for them or forward it along in an email, they won't need the certificate to redeem it. Once paid for, we'll store all the gift details under their name in our reservation system for redemption purposes. All they need to remember is their name and the fact that they are lucky enough to know you ... and dinner is served!

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