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The name Port Land Grille comes from a cherished vacation (and scouting trip) to Portland, Oregon where the predominant mentality of the chefs we met there was to create their menus focusing on the wealth of premium ingredients found just miles away in the Willamette Valley. While we could've moved there in a heartbeat, we truly love the North Carolina coast where Wilmington is known as the "Port City." The name "Port-Land" is a play on that as well, illustrating our own commitment to using the entire country's bounty from the sea and the land.
Shawn Wellersdick and Anne Steketee
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Coastal Living
In this day and age a chef can get ingredients from anywhere at any time (everything's in season somewhere!) and Chef Shawn does of course stock his kitchen this way. But by searching out local sources and in buying certain foods only when in season, he not only gets the best of the best, he supports those local farmers and fisherfolk that make their livelihood off the land and sea right here in North Carolina.
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